Editorial: Reclaimed asphalt

POSTED: 08/5/13 12:25 PM

The decision by former Vromi-minister Marlin and the airport to just give the milled asphalt coming from the airport runway away for free to private parties seems odd. It may look like a cost saving measure for the government, but in fact, the material was given away for free, even though it has a distinct value to the people who have used it to pave their private roads.

A better decision would have been to sell the asphalt and charge the price the market will bear. In the United States Reclaimed Asphalt is big business and nobody is getting it without paying for it.

It is not like the country is in a position to make these grand gestures – every penny of state revenue is welcome.

Who were the recipients of this asphalt and in which way did they benefit from it? These questions still need to be answered before it is possible to judge whether this was indeed just an ill-conceived cost cutting measure or whether there are some darker motives at work.

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  1. John Smith says:

    Maybe if it is sold in stead of given away a better quality of asphalt can be used on the runway. On Saturday, July 27th, the runway was closed because most likely Air Caraibes A330 made a hole in the runway turning.