Editorial: Reckless driving

POSTED: 03/2/15 11:58 PM

We obviously do not know all the details about the fatal accident on Bishop Hill, but what we do know is enough for a preliminary assessment.

At best, this is a case of reckless driving with tragic consequences. At worst it is an accident caused by someone who – for whatever reason – was incompetent to drive his car or who was – again, for whatever reason – overestimating his abilities to control his car at a high speed.

‘For whatever reason’ covers a lot of possibilities – like the influence of alcohol or drugs, but also medical conditions and for instance exhaustion.

If this tragedy teaches us anything at all, it is that you never know what is going to hit you next. Who could predict that putting out the garbage is going to be the last thing someone will do on earth?

The driver of the car will have to live with the knowledge that he killed someone, but the family and friends of the victim will have to come to terms with the reality that they have lost someone for no reason at all.

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