Editorial: Really too far (criminality)

POSTED: 10/18/11 12:03 PM

Is anyone really safe anymore in St. Maarten, when thieves can break into the home of the Chief Commissioner of Police? That is a justified question today as we examine what is obviously a direct attack on the country’s justice system, because this sort of thing proves that criminals really don’t have any respect anymore.
It is a good thing that no one was harmed, but the utter violation of having your home broken into is now all too clear for someone who works extended hours to serve and protect this country’s people and residents. The sting is no doubt a heavy burden, and despite his brave statement, equating himself with every other victim, one cannot help but feel an additional sense of unfairness that someone who is trying to clean up the streets is made to feel unsafe.
Some extreme thinkers would state that this may spur the force to action, because their most senior officer has been touched by the vile scourge that is crime. But really what it does is place an already taxed force under even more strain and increases the feeling that no one is safe.
The important thing now is that there truly is more blue in the streets in every district. Yes the substations must come, but in the meantime, let’s get the squad cars out there. Glen Carty is right, even if it’s just one officer per car, per district on regular rounds. There is also the need for the community to watch out for another and to report what they see as we each become our neighbor’s keeper.
Things have really gone too far now and we must work on taking concrete actions to restore order in the land.

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