Editorial: Rapid progress (Michael and Thelma King murder)

POSTED: 09/24/12 11:50 AM

With the arrest of one suspect, the team that is investigation the brutal murder of Michael and Thelma King seems to have made rapid progress.

It is probably a bridge too far to conclude now immediately that the case has been solved, but at least we have seen some decisive action and tangible results.

We’ll have to keep in mind though that the man who was arrested is a suspect. It is for this reason that this newspaper will not engage in speculations about his identity beyond the observation that he is apparently a security guard, let alone publish a name.

At the same time we commend the team of investigators that has been able to pinpoint a suspect so quickly. It will obviously not bring the victims back, but it shows the community and the world around us that St. Maarten does not think lightly about such horrendous crimes and that it is well equipped to solve them.

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Editorial: Rapid progress (Michael and Thelma King murder) by

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