Editorial: Rape

POSTED: 07/1/11 7:30 PM

The Court in First Instance arrived at a remarkable verdict in a rape case yesterday, and this sentence ought to send a clear message.

The case involves a girl who had been celebrating her birthday by dipping into any bottle of alcohol she could find. Deep into the night she hooked up with a man she would later accuse of rape, but after she’d made her accusation she had to admit to the police that she was unable to remember what had actually happened.

The court acquitted the young man who stood accused of this crime and so the incident will go down in history the way his attorney described it: two drunken people fooling around.

Rape is a serious crime and acquittals don’t come easy. The sad thing is that accusations stick to people for a long time, even if they are acquitted.

At the same time, drunk or not, girls are entitled to respect from the men in this world. They must feel safe to go out and enjoy themselves without running the risk of ending up in sleazy adventures.

There will be more on this subject after today’s ruling in the Bobby V. rape case.


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