Editorial: Raising the level

POSTED: 02/23/12 2:37 PM

It is lamentable that Members of Parliament can still believe they can get away with not reading documents ahead of a debate and then putting on a show that they either don’t have questions or they call on ministers to explain to the people their policy plans for the year before they ask questions. A word to the seemingly not so wise: The same people you attempt to represent see right through you and they are now impressed.

Parliament is a place for debate on issues. That requires that those who are participating actually take time to prepare for the discussion that they will be participating in. Some MPs excel at that, and some are just simply not getting there. An idea might be to get the once mentioned translation bureau up and running so that as Prime Minister Sarah Wescot-Williams once said on the floor of the Island Council that some legislators “don’t have to break their heads over the Dutch.”

While we understand the call for ministers to elaborate on their policy in this budget debate, the cheap politics that was played on Wednesday remains uninspiring. After two weeks MPs should also be able to provide and information and spend more time asking the government why certain choices were made and whether they can adjusted, even slightly.

Until now the level of debate leaves much to be desired and is sorely in need of some improvement.

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