Editorial: Rainforest park

POSTED: 06/20/12 12:16 PM

That the previous government was going to allow for the construction of a theme park in the Emilio Wilson Estate is in itself no news. The Island Council placed the estate on the Monument list in 2007 and solemnly pledged to protect it for future generations, but those promises have apparently yielded to other interests.

The St. Maarten Pride Foundation expresses its concerns about the procedures that enabled the government to grant the developer its permits on our front page today. Most of all there is outrage about the monument permit former Culture Minister Rhoda Arrindell granted while there is no Monument Council and therefore also no advice from said council about the matter at hand.

The Pride Foundation wants to leave no stone unturned until it finds out what really happened and how these permits came about.

Fortunately we have an ordinance on public administration that gives concerned citizens the option to request certain information from the government. And when the government proves unwilling to cooperate, there is always the Ombudsman to apply some additional pressure.

For now, we’ll have to wait for a reaction from the responsible minister to Pride’s concerns. The form in which that reaction arrives (or not arrives) will make clear where the current government stands on these issues.

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