Editorial: Quality of life

POSTED: 10/9/12 1:04 PM

It is by now abundantly clear that there is no support for dumping more sand in the embattled Great Salt Pond- not for a cricket stadium and not for an extremely noisy drag racing strip.
The thing to do is obviously to pull the plug on these projects and to start looking for alternative locations. And while the government is at it, it could also rethink both projects and wonder about their place on the undoubtedly long list of priorities.

If the government is serious about giving citizens decent sports facilities, the logical thing to do is upgrading the Raoul Illidge and Melford Hazel sports complexes and the Little League stadium.
There is of course nothing against facilitating the construction of additional accommodations – providing they do not burden the country’s fragile budget. But first and foremost, those responsible giving such projects the nod of approval have to make sure that there is support for these plans and that they do not infringe for years to come upon the quality of life of others.

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