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POSTED: 01/6/12 5:02 PM

Last year, the inter-parliamentary consultation’s presidium decided in a meeting that was held in The Hague in June, that the deliberations would be “public in principle.”
This year, the consultation is held for the first time in St. Maarten, and Parliament President Gracita Arrindell announced yesterday that the meetings would be held behind closed doors.
The reason?
To prevent political grandstanding and to keep the delegates focused on the issues at hand.
This didn’t seem to be an issue six months ago, so we wonder what is behind this idea. It is not that we are looking forward to attending hours upon hours of political debate, but interested parties ought to be able to at least follow the deliberations if they want to.
Keeping everything behind closed doors will only encourage people to suspect that these meetings are designed to satisfy the hunger for international travel among the 55 delegates and their entourage. Not a good idea.

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