Editorial: Prostitution

POSTED: 06/28/13 11:54 AM

Prostitution and the law do not sit well together. Our current policy condones the trafficking of women. Last year a brothel owner was sentenced to 54 months for this crime, but the government took no action to close down his Border Bar brothel in spite of a request by the Public Prosecutor’s Office.

Two years ago the justice ministers of the four Kingdom countries signed an agreement to get tough on human trafficking. Based on results, St. Maarten is not keeping its end of the deal; otherwise it would have revoked the permit for the Border Bar a long time ago.

Condoning prostitution is one thing, closing one’s eyes for blatant exploitation – as was the case with the Border Bar – quite something else.

Is there anybody in parliament who cares about this issue? We’d like to hear about it, but we suspect that old-slavery is more important to our MPs than modern day slavery.


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