Editorial: Proper enforcement

POSTED: 12/2/13 2:40 PM

That St. Maarten is doing relatively well among its peers in the Kingdom is no reason to celebrate – because the country ought to do much better.

Cft chairman Bakker had some nice things to say about St. Maarten in his address yesterday: low national debt, reasonable debt quote, healthy government-owned companies and well-funded social funds.

St. Maarten outperformed the other countries in the Kingdom if the year 2000 is taken as a starting point. That is good news, but it also highlights our biggest problem: sultry tax compliance and a large black economy.

A lot of dollars do still not end up where they are supposed to be – in the government’s coffers. One must assume that a lot of money is leaking towards other countries as well –especially the largest source countries for our immigrant population.

This is not a call for a witch hunt but a call for proper enforcement of our tax laws without singling out particular groups. It would make life so much more agreeable for everyone.

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