Editorial: Projections

POSTED: 02/20/13 12:40 PM

The airport foresees a maximum growth to 1.9 million passengers by 2020, managing director Regina Labega said yesterday. Compared to the benchmark year 2008 – the year the economic crisis hit – that is an increase of 10 percent. Over a period 2008-2020 that is not even 1 percent per year, so it is not all that shocking.

Yet the question is justified whether St. Maarten has the carrying capacity to accommodate almost 175,000 more people seven years from now. MP Laville had the answer: no.

At the same time he used the airport’s projection as a justification for Minister Pantophlet’s drive to build more five-stars hotels.

We think there is more to this than just building hotels. More visitors will put more pressure on our infrastructure. Unfortunately that seems to be the least of the concerns our decision makers have.

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