Editorial: Pretu’s death in Curacao police cell

POSTED: 09/9/13 2:52 PM

The death of the one before last link between Pueblo Soberano leader Helmin Wiels and his killers took his own life on Friday evening in a police cell in Curacao.

It is tempting to follow the leader of Prime Minister Asjes – who used the term suspicious – and to add fuel to the countless conspiracy theories that have erupted after Wiels’ murder on May 5.

That would be unwise for now. The National Detective Agency is investigating Pretu’s death and we will simply have to wait for the results of their efforts before we jump to all kinds of unfounded conclusions.

Justice Minister Navarro has already drawn his conclusions by announcing his resignation; under the circumstances that is probably a wise decision.

His recent promises of progress in the Wiels-investigation however will be remembered. If the investigators do not come up with something solid soon, Curacao may be in for another period of unrest. Nobody is waiting for that to happen.

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Editorial: Pretu's death in Curacao police cell by