Editorial: Pressing the matter

POSTED: 07/7/11 2:49 PM

National Alliance Member of Parliament George Pantophlet says two people recently supplied further evidence why there should be more impetus behind passing legislation that will end the abuse of the short term labor contract. Those two people have been working for companies for six and 10 years respectively and have yet again been laid off because their contracts were not being renewed. We are quick to point out that the MP did not say what sector these people work in – a key detail to understanding where the regulation is needed.

That the MP continues to press the matter is a good thing, especially since he is part of the faction in Parliament that submitted an initiative law to curb the abuse. We believe though that things could get messy and the debate could become protracted.

We see that future because there is a splinter effort around what should be a unified effort. At least one other MP is known to be busy drafting an initiative on this same matter and the Ministry of Public Health, Social Development and Labor is working on revamping this same law as part as part of its year plan.

It is necessary in our view that quickly after the recess parties come together, compare their notes and create a draft that brings together the political intent with the expert information that government should have at its fingertips.

We pause to point out though that this effort should be underpinned by a labor market survey that shows what the real situation is on the ground. We agree that anecdotal stories touch our feelings, but it is research that will truly tell us how big the problem is.

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