Editorial: Powder keg

POSTED: 04/13/12 4:20 PM

The conflict between the management and owners of Simpson Bay Resort is becoming a powder keg that will explode if action is not taken in the shortest possible time to get the representative of the employees – Wifol – and the resort’s management to negotiate some sort of settlement. The government will do well to note the mounting frustration amongst the workers and do something more to press the resort to at least enter talks.

The prime minister, in a very wise way, appointed special mediators last year in order to get parties to talk to each other. That option should be looked at again as an extra-legislative measure that will help to ensure that a major labor conflict is finally put to rest. Letting this issue continue to build up is good for no one and could potentially damage the country’s international reputation.

Parliament must also take a stronger stance. The time for tying shoe laces or not is over and even if they can do nothing to evict him from the body each of Jules James’ 14 other colleagues need to stand up, one by one and tell him to take some time in his capacity as the resort’s general manager to get this situation resolved. If they don’t, they can look forward to having the employees of the resort stand in their lobby or at their door step on many more occasions.

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