Editorial: Postal services

POSTED: 11/18/13 1:31 PM

The Soab report about the Postal Services of Sint Maarten shows that the government took it upon itself to establish an independent postal provider on the island, but that it then hopelessly failed to give the organization the funding it needed to do its job.

This sobering report takes away a lot of the smoke screens that have been erected ever since the controversial dismissal of its interim director who signed an 8,000 check to buy equipment while his authority to sign these checks stopped at 5,000 guilders.

That the postal services incurred heavy losses during the first eighteen months of its existence is the price of neglect by a government with grand ideas and no money to back them up.

Due to this neglect we are now saddled with an organization that has too many employees (as we will show in a report we will publish tomorrow) and not enough income to cover its operational expenses.

The question is of course how the government now intends to clean up its own mess. About that, we have heard nothing so far.

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