Editorial: Postal action

POSTED: 11/19/13 4:14 PM

The Soab quick scan of the postal services makes clear that PSS did not stand a chance from the get go. Without funding, but with a task to perform, the organization was more or less left to figure everything out all by itself – without any money to speak off.

To add insult to injury, the government also made a bad deal with Nieuwe Post Netherlands Antilles by accepting the transfer of all NPNA-staff in Sint Maarten to PSS.

This decision has saddled PSS with a rigid payroll, with too many employees on the operational level and – due to the lack of funding – with a revenue stream that is unable to match the expenses.

Is there a way out of this quandary? The Soab-report provides several suggestions but to make something happen decision makers have to spring into action before this ship sinks forever.

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