Editorial: Political Stability

POSTED: 01/13/14 1:25 PM

The Prime Minister said something in a press release that ought to be understood by many. Just because there is a misunderstanding in Parliament does not mean that new elections should be called every time. She rightly pointed out that this kind of attitude creates political and economic instability, something that goes against the spirit of the constitution, and is not in the interest of the common good.

In other words, we a have a system, and however imperfect it may be, it needs to be respected. This brings to mind the time when independent MP Romain Laville changed his mind and pulled the plug on the second Wescot-Williams cabinet by informing the Governor that he no longer had confidence in it. People were outraged and calls for new elections were heard everywhere.

But the Prime Minister is right. In our system, MPs have the liberty to act and speak their conscience. If the electorate is dissatisfied with their performance, they can fire the bums in the next election and choose someone else.

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