Editorial: Political control

POSTED: 02/3/12 2:18 PM

A lot has been said already in the past about the manipulated elections for the new Chamber of Commerce board, but never have the connections between the new board members and the United People’s party been so explicitly outlined as in our front page article today.
These links are important, because one of the Chamber’s missions is to advice the government from the perspective of the private sector.

We know for instance that Vice Prime Minister and UP partly-leader Theo Heyliger abhors democratic institutions like the Good Governance Council. What kind of advice will this government in the future get from the Chamber about this council? What will its position be on, say, the causeway over the lagoon?
What will then, in the end, be the value of any advice if the links between the ruling party and the board are this strong?
We fear that this type of political control over institutions that are supposed to be independent will serve the happy few and that the average citizen will be saddled with the consequences.

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