Editorial: Pest Control

POSTED: 02/11/14 10:03 AM

Roaming bands of vervet monkeys, the kind typically associated with the island of St. Kitts, are causing havoc on the island, and their numbers are only increasing. The Nature Foundation is justifiably alarmed with the unchecked populations of these animals. In large groups they pose a real danger to pets, livestock, and even people.

But these monkeys are only one of many types of invasive species that have made St. Maarten their home. A small, minimally funded foundation like the Nature Foundation can only do so much to control animals like vervet monkeys. The foundation needs help, and money.

Government should take this seriously and beef up all entities that can reduce and control the importation of exotic animals, as well as reinforce local agencies and foundations in their campaign to control invasive species.

The Nature Foundation has expressed in the past that it doesn’t wish to harm the animals, and it’s quite possible they can be rounded up and sent to zoos both here and abroad, but, again, that will taken manpower and money.

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