Editorial: Perspectives

POSTED: 08/16/13 1:17 PM

The Constitutional Court means business, that much became clear from yesterday’s interim ruling. The reference to a ruling from the European Human Rights Court indicates which way the judges are leaning with respect to the perspectives from criminals with a life sentence to their name.

That the Court asked for additional information is more a matter of form than a matter of substance, because the answers to most of the questions it posed are clear.

The ruling also makes clear that the country does not have its affairs in order, because an ordinance that regulates pardons still has to be established. This means effectively that nothing is regulated for lifers right now. It is not too late to repair the situation but knowing the speed – or rather the lack thereof – with which draft-legislation moves through the system, the government ought to step up to the plate real fast if it wants to have its arguments in place for upholding life sentences.

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