Editorial: Permanent headaches

POSTED: 09/26/12 12:15 PM

While environmental and heritage groups would not exactly be thrilled if Rain Forest Adventures managed somehow to still gets its hands on the Emilio Wilson Estate and build a commercial attraction park there, the company’s project leader John Dalton made a valid point.

The government will not have any money to maintain the property and sinking $17 million into the purchase will not create any jobs either.

Thinking about the sorry state of the Raoul Illidge and Melford Hazel sports complexes, the Little League stadium, countless potholes and other permanent headaches, we’d say that the government ought to have a solid plan in place to make this perception go away, or come up with alternatives to protect the country’s heritage.

Another image that comes up is that of Greece – a country with a rich cultural history. The Greeks have declared so many places in their country historical monuments that most of them are falling in disrepair through the sheer lack of funds. That is a trap St. Maarten ought to avoid, so the purchase of the estate ought to come with a clear vision on its development and preservation for future generations. Otherwise, as Dalton claims, developing the attraction park remains the best option.

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