Editorial: Perceptions (Criminal court cases in the works against politicians)

POSTED: 07/23/14 12:22 PM

As our front-page article shows, the UP may have to take a lot of flack in the weeks before the elections on August 29. There is literally a barrage of criminal court cases in the works and they are all in one way or another linked to the green party.

Is that a coincidence? Answering such a question in the negative would suggest that the prosecutor’s office has an axe to grind – and we are not ready to believe that.

The election fraud case is an unfortunate example, because the court could easily have handled it in early 2011. That Maria Buncamper-Molanus is still waiting for closure – one way or the other – about possible prosecution is something that certainly does not make the prosecutor’s office look good.

That the tax-dodging case of UP-candidate Silvio Matser falls in August is however more due to the time the defense asked for studying the file than anything else.

The pro forma hearing in the Orca-investigation – also a case with a link to the UP – ended up in on the August-schedule after a decision by the court.

It is all a bit much to stomach but in the end the court will decide about the outcome of each individual case and the electorate has the power to decide how all these legal procedures will affect the outcome of the elections.

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Editorial: Perceptions (Criminal court cases in the works against politicians) by

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