Editorial: Penal code

POSTED: 01/11/13 12:22 PM

The country’s new penal code will enter the next phase now that Governor Holiday has signed it into law. Yesterday the code was received at the office of the ombudsman, where within the next six weeks a decision has to be taken about putting it in front of the Constitutional Court.

Without getting into the discussion about the contested articles 28 – the review of life sentences -and 539 – that allows organized cock fights – we feel strongly that submitting the code to our Constitutional Court is a must. It is also a bit of a no-brainer.

A review by this unique court in our system will bring to light weaknesses that might have been overlooked. If there are none, even better. This step will make the end result stronger and thereby give citizens more legal certainty. With the Constitutional Court’s stamp of approval, the country will have a penal code that is strong enough to withstand any criticism and any legal challenge.

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