Editorial: Path of wisdom

POSTED: 06/18/14 11:55 PM

Independent MP Patrick Illidge is right about one thing: Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte was dead wrong with the reason he gave for not wanting to receive him at a reception in The Hague earlier this month.

Illidge now claims he chose the path of wisdom by not making any statements about this remarkable incident.

But what is wisdom? Illidge is a suspect in the Bada Bing bribery case and he is sitting in Parliament under a cloud of suspicion that does not seem to bother any of the other parliamentarians.

Had Illidge really chosen the path of wisdom, he would have stepped down and relinquished his $125,000 a year seat with the argument that someone who is the subject of a criminal investigation cannot function properly as a representative of the people.

Apparently, that path of wisdom is a bridge too far.

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