Editorial: Passing the buck

POSTED: 01/15/14 11:51 AM

The budget is on its way to approval by the Parliament today but the question remains how the community will react to the fallout when reality hits home.

True, this is a skeleton budget, as Minister Hassink has called it. And true, this is a year of cost cutting and increasing revenue.

Little did the citizens – and civil servants in particular – of this good country realize, up to now, that they are expected to foot part of the bill.

Because this is what the 10 million guilders cost cutting measure in healthcare premiums comes down to. The cabinet intends to pass the buck to its civil servants that will now have to make up the difference because the government needs to spend less.

We are curious to see how much creativity the Parliament has to offer today to soften this blow in a cost-neutral way. And if Parliament has nothing to offer, we’re curious to see how the civil service is going to deal with this situation.

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