Editorial: Parkinson’s café

POSTED: 05/9/14 11:15 AM

The idea of a minority within society is often first associated with an ethnic minority, but the term has much further reaching implications. A minority, for example, can be someone with a disability, or, in the case of our front page story, a person living with a debilitating and degenerative disease like Parkinson’s, which affects a person’s nervous system.

It was Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau who once said that the level of civility and decency in a democracy was measured in how well a majority treated its minority. In this case, St. Maarten has much work to do considering the plight of the disabled here.

With this in mind, we applaud the efforts of Anja Bronius to establish the first Parkinson’s Café on St. Maarten with the objective to improve the social lives of those who suffer from it by sharing in their collective experience. It elevates the social quality of our democracy.

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