Editorial: Parents platform

POSTED: 11/28/12 2:16 PM

The Education Ministry’s initiative to create a national parents platform is a good step towards structured parental involvement in children’s education. It will likely strengthen the ties between the schools and the home front – and given the behavior of some students that seems to be no luxury.

There is a national interest at stake here. If students perform well, they will have plenty of perspectives once they are ready to enter the job market or to start a business of their own. This in turn will give a boost to the local economy and to the general feeling of wellbeing in our community.

Unhealthy high levels of youth unemployment are a burden to any society (see the related piece on our opinion page about the situation in Europe), and they are bound to hit a small-scale society like St. Maarten like a sledge hammer.

Parents who put time and effort into supporting their children in parents’ teachers associations deserve support of their own, and this national platform feels like the right instrument for it.

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