Editorial: Paramaribo connection

POSTED: 11/29/12 3:27 PM

For the third time in a month a drugs courier from Suriname stood in front of the judge in the Court in First Instance. The man had swallowed almost a kilo of pure cocaine in so-called bolitas. This is extremely dangerous for the courier, but a more important question is why we are suddenly seeing these mules arrive from Paramaribo in St. Maarten.

The links of Suriname’s President Desi Bouterse with the drugs trade are well-known and this creates the impression that it is a piece of cake to board a plane at Zanderij loaded with drugs. If this is the beginning of a Paramaribo connection, St. Maarten may have to follow the example of Schiphol airport and establish 100 percent controls for all travelers that arrive from Suriname at Juliana International airport. An even better solution would be to ask the country of origin to make sure that drug mules don’t get on a plane but that could be too much to ask from a regime that is seriously suspected of financing its affairs with the cocaine trade.

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