Editorial: Openness

POSTED: 08/6/13 1:40 PM

With the return of Gracita Arrindell as the President of Parliament, a new phase of openness seems to have arrived. The glass partition of the hall where parliamentarians meet has been stripped of its gray tint, making it possible again for the public and for journalists to follow every move MPs make during their public meetings.

Arrindell gave her second press briefing yesterday, also a sign that the flow of information from the country’s highest body to the public is improving.

The decision to celebrate the opening of the new parliamentary year on the second Tuesday in September at the Sundial School instead of at the parliament building also comes across as a smart move to bring politics closer to the people.

All we need now is a situation whereby the Finance Minister presents his budget for the new year also on the second Tuesday of September, but for now that remains wishful thinking.

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