Editorial: Open approach

POSTED: 09/10/12 12:30 AM

7 Sept. 2012 / The actions by two ministers to unseat members of supervisory boards may have an unexpected effect. After reading the stories about the embattled hospital, the initiators of the American Clinic sprung into action and once more laid out their plans.
Taken at face value the plans seem to offer a lot, without infringing upon the interests of the St. Maarten Medical Center. If there are any wrinkles or concerns, parties ought to be able to iron them out. The open approach by the American Clinic feels like a good basis for a fruitful cooperation with the hospital in Cay Hill.
And there are fringe benefits: businesses in Simpson Bay will certainly be pleased with the huge parking garage that will be incorporated in the clinics building near Kimsha Beach.
The time seems ripe to look for common ground and for removing the remaining stumbling blocks.

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