Editorial: One way out

POSTED: 10/18/13 3:34 PM

St. Maarten has painted itself into a corner that offers only one way out. The advice from the financial supervisor Cft on the approved amendment to the 2013 budget is far from complimentary and the threat of yet another humiliating instruction is already there.

Arguing that the current government inherited all troubles from its predecessors is probably true but there is no point to keep on harping about the past.

The 2014 budget is going to be put to a very tough test – and rightly so. The government will get yet another chance to show what it is made off, for instance by announcing that the council of Ministers approved the draft-budget on Tuesday. There has only been silence on this subject and if that approval is not there, then the first missed deadline is there for the history books.

The next big deadline is not all that far away: December 15. That is when there must be an approved 2014 budget. If the government misses that deadline two it’s instruction-time again.

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