Editorial: One last chance to listen

POSTED: 07/8/11 1:47 PM

To say that coming to a real estate association has devolved into a messy affair is an understatement. To believe that the division that has emerged cannot be bridged is also not something we totally subscribe to because both “working groups” are still very much in the process of finalizing a structure and have the same goal.

It is clear that those who founded the St. Maarten Real Estate Association are ahead, having gone to a Notary and registered their association, but they’re not quite done yet as they must still be registered by the St. Maarten Chamber of Commerce and Industry. The body is also continuing efforts to finalize by laws. Though a foundation has been laid, there is still time for input on core issues like bylaws. The proposal that will be presented today is just that a proposal and somehow we see a possibility for it to strengthen what has already been done.

We believe it is necessary then that even if the St. Maarten Real Estate Association is not officially represented as a body at today’s meeting of realtors that individual members at least hear the presentation and make their own decision. Taking at least an hour and one last chance to listen won’t hurt.

We also stress that one association is better than two and while there has not been a good start to the cooperation, there should be another go at it, that put’s aside what has happened already.

To be practical if parties can’t find each other on one association, will there likely be an agreement on one Multiple Listing Service? From the way things have gone so far we think not. Also in terms of lobby, one body that speaks on behalf of all, is better than two who will undoubtedly be asked: who exactly do you represent?

We are attempting to force the issue of cooperation though. If parties believe they’ve arrived at a point where working together is no longer possible, then so be it. The current debate over splitting up the Central Bank of Curacao and St. Maarten is one example of why parties who are not fully convinced they should work together, should be brave enough to state up front it’s not possible and move on.

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