Editorial: On to more cooperation

POSTED: 04/18/12 3:02 PM

Today’s signing of an agreement between the St. Maarten Medical Center and Foundation Mariadal of Bonaire is a sign that cooperation between in this Kingdom is moving away somewhat from political structures and firmly on to issues that are important for the people in these islands. What is extremely special is that St. Maarten and Bonaire will now specialists at their hospitals and that should lead to lower bills going to the relevant public health agencies.
While we salute this particular we hasten to state that less is not more. In fact we think that this signing should be just one of many to come because continued and expanded partnership will allow the people who benefit to access high quality care in a region they know and in languages that they clearly understand.
Today’s signing should also mean that each institution will become even more viable so that there will be sustained quality care. It should allow especially the nurses who will work along with the specialists to see how they can learn special skills that can be used in the absence of the doctor. That level, and type of exchange, will go a long way in raising the level of what is available.
There is indeed no day like today to celebrate cooperation based on this milestone, but the party should also serve as a reminder that we must continue to work for all of the people in all of the parts of this kingdom.

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