Editorial: No sympathy for the Bosman law

POSTED: 09/2/13 11:57 AM

That there is no sympathy for the Bosman-law in St. Maarten or elsewhere in the Caribbean is understandable, but the arguments to support this position that we hear are at times weak, at times predictable and at times not helpful at all.

The weakest option of all is to play the race-card – the argument people so eagerly refer to when they really have no arguments at all. Referring to colonial times falls in the same category, as does the call for “first reparation, then we’ll talk.”

What St. Maarten ought to demand is a breakdown of the group that is obviously causing some trouble in the Netherlands.

Are the troublemakers and underprivileged Caribbean immigrants from St. Maarten or are they mainly from Curacao?

As an independent country we have a right to know, and we also have the right to be treated for who we are. If the troublemakers come from elsewhere, the Bosman-law should not apply to St. Maarten.

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