Editorial: No prosperity without security

POSTED: 03/12/14 6:12 PM

No society or civilization in the history of the world has ever prospered without security. Indeed, if a place is insecure, how can its entrepreneurs, scientists, craftsmen, etc, thrive if they feel threatened and constantly concerned about their safety?

We are not saying St. Maarten is unsafe; far from it. The recent conclusion of the Heineken Regatta relatively incident free given the amount of people that participated proves that the state maintains order and a sense of safety.

But every now and then an incident pops up that shocks the community and reminds us that maintaining security is a 24/7 vigil. Two prominent doctors in our community have now recently been the victims of violence, if the latest reports are correct about Dr. Dennaoui.

The police of course cannot prevent everything, nor do we want to live in an armed camp where our security comes at the expense of our liberty.

Yet the social contract between the citizens and the state demands that there must be security first if there is to be prosperity.


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