Editorial: No done deal yet

POSTED: 10/19/12 11:48 AM

The demand did not exactly come like a bat out of hell, but still, the life sentences public prosecutors demanded yesterday against two defendants in the Vesuvius trial suddenly doubles the number of potential lifers from two to four within less than a year.
The life terms for Regatta-killers Richards and Roberts have been overturned on appeal, but the prosecutor’s office is taking these cases to the Supreme Court, reasoning that it has good arguments against the appeal-ruling.

While everyone in the judicial system agrees that demanding a life sentence should not be done lightly, the prosecution sees it as a justified penalty for the Vesuvius-suspects.
This does not mean that this is a done deal: the defense attorneys will have their say next week and when everything has been said, Judge Rick Smid will without any doubt take the customary three weeks before pronouncing his sentences.
All parties will be eagerly looking forward to this moment that could define the image of crime fighting for decades to come.

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