Editorial: New angle (In the Bada Bing Bribery Scandal)

POSTED: 03/11/13 12:28 AM

MP Patrick Illidge said upon his return yesterday that there are dark days ahead for St. Maarten. The interview on our front page with Bada Bing-owner Jaap van den Heuvel makes that prophecy a reality: it is the confession of a businessman who got caught up in political games and who got burned in the process.

Van den Heuvel got caught between a rock and a hard place: he set up one friend to do another friend a favor. Little did he know that the video would backfire the way it did.
Reputations have been damaged, and friendships have been destroyed. In the process, country St. Maarten took a beating, especially from the reporting in the Dutch daily the Telegraaf.

As these things go, newspapers report about what is happening based on what they know. That the result is sometimes ugly appears from the case at hand.
Still, the last word has not been written about this scandal – because a scandal it is. The Landsrecherche will have to separate facts from fiction. With Van den Heuvel’s story presented on a platter, the detectives now have a new angle to consider.

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Editorial: New angle (In the Bada Bing Bribery Scandal) by

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