Editorial: Move on (Dutch Kingdom investigation instruction)

POSTED: 10/10/13 12:14 PM

Nothing has changed in the position of the St. Maarten government about the instruction to Governor Holiday. The Prime Minister and the Council of Ministers have met this week with the governor to discuss the issue, but details about these talks do not enter the public domain so there is no way of knowing how heated the discussions have been.

Several things seem to be clear: the governor is held by law to execute the instruction, the government does not object to the investigation itself but to the instrument the Kingdom Council of Ministers used for it and at the same time the government has announced that it refused to cooperate with the whole process. It will even go as far as giving an instruction of its own and order civil servants not to cooperate with the probe.

All this seems a recipe for disaster – exactly what we do not need. The government has made its procedural objections clear to the world, but now everybody will have to move on – for the betterment of Country St. Maarten.

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