Editorial: Mounting pressure

POSTED: 01/10/12 3:05 PM

There are growing signs that social organizations want the discussions in the Kingdom of the Netherlands to shift off of structures and onto ensuring that the people in each of the countries can concretely state that they have the same standard of living. The governments and to some extent the parliamentarians realize this, but the social organizations obviously believe that too much time is being spent on structures for accomplishing things and not the actual work to change things.

If we look at the agenda for the Inter-parliamentary Kingdom consultation, which begins today,  we’d have to say that MPs from the four countries are straddling the fence of structures and concrete efforts. Discussions like what should happen with ticket prices, departure tax, health care and good governance and integrity can lead to direct proposals which, if approved in the respective legislatures, could improve people’s lives immediately.

We can agree though that getting locked down on procedures on how to craft and approve a Kingdom Law and the guarantee function should be a short and focused discussion. While important, these discussions will not provide for the needs of people who need better health care, or pensioners who obviously need more to live or even young people who are for one reason or another causing problems in one part of the kingdom or another. While on that topic, maybe the 55 MPs should stand still and look at the large group of young people across the Kingdom who are excelling and doing positive things.

There is mounting pressure to create benefits for the citizens of this Kingdom. Let’s hope the 55 MPs gathered here will do that plea justice.

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