Editorial: More work needs doing

POSTED: 07/18/12 12:46 PM

The justice ministry placed focuses on its successes yesterday, and while we’re sure that will good for morale, we believe that there also needs to be some time devoted to the failings of the system and how those can be repaired. For example while it’s great to salute the Director of the Prison Rudsel Ricardo, let us not forget that the prison is still a hot bed of issues that need to be resolved. The inmates and their plight is one thing, but then there’s also the fact that renovations at the facility have been heavily delayed.
It is wonderful to note that the Bavpolers have been successfully integrated into the various branches of the justice system. But there are now questions as to how they will be integrated further and whether the justice ministry is going to offer them more training so they can grow in their profession. There’s also a question of when a next round of training for another group will start.
The successful cooperation with Miami Dade School of Justice and membership in Interpol are good and noteworthy but is shameful that the President of the Collectivite – who literally governs in our backyard – must plead for greater cooperation. Richardson’s call on Tuesday should not be something that we hear again next year or even in November when St. Maarten’s Day celebrations are held.
Work has been done, but today is a new day and more work needs doing.

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