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POSTED: 11/15/11 4:29 AM

Vice Chairman of the Council of State for the Kingdom Tjeenk Willink makes a very valid point when he states that the management of the relationships in the Kingdom should not be left in the hands of politicians and civil servants. We dare to go further and state that much more than that should be wrested from the hands of the country’s administrators and administration because as Willink also points out autonomy must meet people’s collective and individual need to shape their own lives. At the moment that is not the case in sweet St. Maarten land.
It has always been amazing that the people of this nation have dealt with their issues by screaming for change at their dinner tables, in bars and in restaurants, under tamarind trees and over dominoes, but there is no fundamental change. But Willink’s words provide the source of the dilemma. As much as we who live here complain we do little or nothing concrete to ensure that government and others who deliver service deliver the service that we pay for.
For example the lights continue to flicker on and off because of structural issues at GEBE, but all we’ve managed to do are start a petition that 49 people liked on Facebook, 10 people tweeted about on twitter and four people shared it on Google Plus. That adds up to 60 people who have vocalized their anger on an issue that affects us all.
Are riots akin to what happened in a Parisian suburb and in English streets the right course of action – no. Simply because those will do more harm than good. But truly, as Willink said, there must be more advisors who ensure that government – executive, legislative and judiciary – business and labor are made to understand that in this country any attempt to derive people of rights or service paid for will not be allowed.

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