Editorial: Morality

POSTED: 01/25/12 11:32 AM

The coalition-factions and independent MP Patrick Illidge did not show up for a parliament meeting to discuss the heavily contested voting-behavior of parliamentarian and Simpson Bay Resort general manager Jules James.
This is democracy at work: opposition leader William Marlin put on a brave face, saying that the coalition is perfectly entitled not to sign in for a meeting. They can run but they can’t hide, is the philosophy among opposition-MPs.
The meeting will be rescheduled probably for Friday and if necessary again for sometime next week.

It is obvious that James violated the constitution by voting on two motions in November, and now he is being called to account. There is widespread support for the idea that James has to choose between his political and his business career. That is morally right, so whatever will happen is going to shed some light on the MP’s morality.
So far, James keeps smiling, and he also remains unavailable for comment now that things seem to be getting hairy.
New elections are still far away, but the opposition will make sure that voters don’t forget this episode.

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