Editorial: Monologue of former Justice Minister Duncan

POSTED: 07/31/13 12:47 PM

With a monologue that lasted just four-and-a-half minutes, former Justice Minister Roland Duncan has created the impression that he was forced to step down after the fall of the previous government – and that he is bitter about it.

Duncan speaks about his “downfall” due to his unwillingness to listen to “Dutch drivel” en passant suggesting that the firestorms around his person are solely based on “perceptions, innuendo and melee.”

Readers of this newspaper know better and there is no reason to repeat what  everybody already knows. Few people within government organizations are prepared to state their opinion about Duncan on the record, but almost everybody is close to lyrical about his successor Dennis Richardson. That also says something about Duncan’s legacy.

Duncan’s opinion may have become irrelevant since he left his post but they do not exactly contribute to improved relationships with The Hague. In that sense his remarks are hampering efforts to repair the damages by the new man at the Justice department.

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Editorial: Monologue of former Justice Minister Duncan by

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