Editorial: Misleading the public

POSTED: 02/17/14 2:23 PM

The attempts by Atlantis World Group and B Plus owner Francesco Corallo to clear his name took another hit with the revelation that the Italian court ruling that prohibits anybody from linking his name to the mafia most likely does not exist.

The lack of response this newspaper – like others – met from B Plus and Atlantis after requests for a copy of the original court ruling give plenty of food to the thought that the press release about this ruling is no more than a feeble attempt at public relations.

This blooper comes on top of earlier attempts to clear Corallo from lying about his status as a (goodwill) ambassador to the FAO for the Republic of Dominica. This newspaper has clearly established, already in 2012, that Corallo never was an FAO-ambassador and that – even if he had held this position – it does not come with diplomatic immunity.

Attempts to get to the bottom of this affair continue, and as long as B Plus does not produce the goods, the suspicion that the company has been misleading the public will remain firmly established in people’s minds.

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