Editorial: Marines

POSTED: 04/3/14 4:24 PM

The Royal Dutch Marines are making their presence known on the island. They have already been on patrol in Philipsburg, where they were somewhat of a tourist attraction, with some visitors evening stopping to take pictures with the courteous soldiers.

Today they will be on a training exercise in St. Peters, patrolling the neighborhood. The fact that there is now a permanent base of operations here means that the Kingdom is taking the security of the island quite seriously.

And that is a good thing. In this age of global terrorism, international drug cartels, etc. professional armed soldiers can act as a major deterrent to wrongdoing. After all, St. Maarten has strategically important port and airport facilities, with major international connections.

One need only look at nearby St. Kitts, where an associate of the notorious Jamaican drug lord Dudus Coke nearly took over the island as his own personal fiefdom until he was later arrested in the United States.

Not to mention that these chaps can come in quite handy after a hurricane.

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