Editorial: Marechaussee

POSTED: 06/18/13 11:56 AM

The evaluation report about the deployment of the Marechaussee in St. Maarten brings a few things to light that are reasons for concern.

First of all some of these Dutch military police officers apparently have come across what the report euphemistically calls integrity issues. When they reported them, local supervisors chose to ignore them.

Another issue is obviously that Marechaussees are hardly used for combating organized drugs criminality, but they are put to work recording complaints and solving sex crimes.

That is odd, given the fact that we hear all too often that cases cannot be investigated due to a lack of capacity.

The report contains enough indications to warrant a good hard look at the way St. Maarten makes use of this flexpool of experienced officers that is fully paid by the Dutch Ministry of Home Affairs and that will stay with us until, as things stand now, June 30, 2015.

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