Editorial: Lukewarm

POSTED: 11/14/13 12:51 PM

The first visit of King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima to Sint Maarten will not go into the history books as an event that bubbled over from enthusiasm. On the contrary, the turnout for the opening ceremony was clearly disappointing – or the square was too large for its audience.

If the regular five-year interval between visits still continues under the new reign, we may expect to see the king again in Sint Maarten in 2018. That ought to give the parliament plenty of time to declare the day the royal family honors the country with its presence a national holiday. That would certainly give more people the opportunity to come out and show their support for the House of Orange.

The good news is of course that the Friendly Island lived up to its reputation and managed to go through the royal visit without any incidents.

What we also consider good news is that there are many citizens expressed with the tee shirts they wore and the banners they carried that they have a warm place in their heart for King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima.

Do not underestimate this sentiment because in the end, this is what keeps us together as a people.

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