Editorial: Ludicrous

POSTED: 09/19/13 12:53 PM

A student who says he was not even involved in a fight at the St. Maarten Academy is sitting at home because the school only wants to take him back if his mother signs a contract that sets strict conditions for his behavior.

While these conditions seem to be not even that far removed from what could be considered normal, the way it was presented to the boy’s mom, has triggered a boomerang effect.

The mother does not want to sign the contract and the student, who is 14, sits at home while the law on compulsory education stipulates that he should spend his days in a classroom.

The contract is ludicrous. Basically it tells the student: one false move and you’re out. Such an approach does not instill good behavior. Instead it puts a young teenager on probation for the rest of his time at the Academy. There certainly are better ways to deal with these situations, and it is up to the school management to find them. Otherwise, the Education Ministry will have to intervene.

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  1. BS nONSENSE says:

    Excuse me but this happens all over in certain countries. Why would they not want to sign a behavioral contract? Is it that he plans on misbehaving? Some of these parents and students should be ashamed of themselves..their children cause chaos at schools then the parents have the balls to demand that they accept their children??? Chupes. Certain schools have their policies..once you get involved in any fight whatsoever you will be expelled. In that way it sometimes limits fights among students. Schools must become more strict, When you let them back in after they fight what message are you sending to them. Stop making excuses for these kids. THEY ARE NOT ANGELS

  2. BS nONSENSE says:

    Apparently you dont know much about behavior to state that the contract doesn’t make a difference. I’ve seen it work many many times. There was this school which had very strict rules when it comes to behavior and there were NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO FIGHTS AT ALL as the students realized that if they had gotten in trouble they would have been out. St. Maarten schools are not strict enough..it’s you the people and parents who have the children this way as you guys keep making too many excuses for their rotten behavior and when they get involved in crime you get mad.