Editorial: Look at me

POSTED: 01/16/13 1:04 PM

United People’s party leader Theo Heyliger issued a press statement yesterday in which he congratulates the airport with a successful $132 million bond issue.

It seemed an innocent enough statement, but on closer scrutiny it seems that the UP-leader was especially congratulating himself. Look at me, the statement screams.

Heyliger justified the appointment of Regina Labega as the airport’s director, and in the process he also mentioned that Moody’s rating for the country had been his party’s order valium online ireland initiative.

Not a word about the fact that Labega’s appointment remains controversial until the Prosecutor’s Office closes the book (one way or the other) on reports about embezzlement at the Tourist Bureau – her previous station. And not a word about the fact that the election campaign has started and that it is therefore necessary to beat the UP-drum as often and as loud as possible.

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